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Celebrations as dog's home rated Outstanding

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Celebrations as dog's home rated Outstanding
Pregnant mothers can now give birth in the comfort of a quiet Whelping Block and puppies now have an amazing Puppy Play area where the focus is on socialization. Brand new exercise areas have a variety of surfaces to keep them healthy and mentally ...
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Dog Eating Poop
Some experts feel that puppies follow their dam's (mother's) example of eating feces in the whelping box to keep it clean. MIMICKING Corrective Actions: Puppies often outgrow both coprophagia and pica, but need constant supervision and intervention ...
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Why I Don't Drink Budweiser…and Why I'm Not Alone
AB/InBev has tried, God Knows, whelping a bizzarre and increasingly-desperate roster of faux-craft beers, investing in minority ownership in both Red Hook and Widmer, and securing primary distribution for Kona, Goose Island, Fordham, and Old Dominion ...
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